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Funding Wrap of the Week | Asian Startups Funding Roundup | Feb 11 – Feb 16

Asian Startups raised Funding in various Funding rounds from venture capitalists and angel investors. Let’s Discuss Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Deals.

The Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Deals of This Week

Vessi Medical

Vessi Medical has secured $16.5 Million in series A funding round. The investors in the funding round are included: ALIVE-Israel HealthTech Fund, Agriline, and the founding investor The Trendlines Group.

Vessi’s minimally invasive NMIBC solution provides a new, first-line, office-based therapy alternative to surgery. The company’s patent-pending, bladder-specific cryotherapy technology eliminates costly and problematic repeat surgeries seen with TURBT. The technology successfully ablates unwanted tissue, reduces the risk of dispersed cancers cells, all while causing no bladder damage.


Clarity has raised $16Mn in Seed funding round led by Walden Catalyst Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation from other investors such as Secret Chord Ventures, Ascend Ventures, Fusion VC, and Flying Fish Partners. More than 70 angel investors and advisors also participated, including Udi Mokady, Chairman of CyberArk, and Professor Larry Diamond of Stanford University.

Founded in 2022 by Michael Matias, Natalie Fridman, PhD and Gil Avriel, Clarity is an AI cybersecurity startup that protects against deepfakes and new social engineering and phishing attack vectors accelerated by the rapid adoption of Generative AI. Its patent-pending technology detects AI manipulations in videos, images, and audio and authenticates media with encrypted watermarking.


Metalbook has secured $15 Million in a Series A funding round led by Rigel Capital, and other investors included from FJ Labs, Axilor Ventures, Foundamental, Stride Ventures, Trifecta Capital and others.

Founded in 2021 by Aman Tibrewal, Pulkit Baldev, and Raghavendra Pratap Singh, As a full-stack digital supply-chain platform, Metalbook seamlessly connect a global network of metal suppliers and consumers, offering the best market prices. Providing fabrication and customization services at unmatched rates for finished and semi-finished metal goods, Metalbook aims to bridge the gap between offline players.

Lava Network

Lava Network, a modular data network for scaling access to any blockchain has secured $15 Million in Seed Funding Round co-led by HashKey Capital, Jump Capital and Tribe Capital.

Founded in 2022, Lava Network is a decentralized network of API providers, where developers make one subscription to access any blockchain. Providers are rewarded for their quality of service, so your users can fetch data and send transactions with maximum speed, data integrity and uptime. Pairings are randomized, meaning your users can make make queries or transact in privacy.


FreezeM announced the closure of $14.2 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by a group of seasoned industrial investors and the prestigious European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), along with FreezeM’s existing investors and partners.

Founded in 2018 as a spin-off from the Weizmann Institute of Science by three institute graduates Yoav Politi, Idan Alyagor and Yuval Gilad. FreezeM’s mission is to make insect farming simple and accessible using novel breeding solutions for the emerging BSF farming industry. Since its establishment, the company has developed multiple biotechnological breakthroughs for enhancing sustainable, streamlined insect protein production. has secured $8 Million in Series A Funding round led by Scale Venture Partners, along with NFX, Verissimo Ventures, Roosh Ventures, Firestreak, 92712, and other existing investors included.

Founded in 2020, built a full-stack authorization framework that makes it quick and intuitive for developers to bake in access-control into their products and empower the rest of their organization with low-code. is passionate about great software, developer tools, open source and amazing customer experiences.


Ayekart, a fintech enabling MSMEs and Traditional businesses with Embedded Finance and other Value-Added Services has raised $6.5 Million in series A funding round led by Omnivore, Siana Capital and Unleash Capital.

Founded in December 2020, AyeKart is incubated by experienced Fintech, marketplace and Banking professionals with over nine decades of collective professional experience with domestic and international corporations. AyeKart as an ecosystem is an outcome of our decision to unleash our collective knowledge, industry connections and entrepreneurial aspirations to identify, solve and create a digital marketplace for the underserved MSME segment and their consumers.

Simple Planet

Simple Planet has secured $6 Million in Pre-Series A Funding round from POSCO Technology Investment, DCP Private Equity, Hyundai Technology Investment, Prologue Ventures, Pathfinder H, and Samho Green Investment, among others.

Founded in 2021, Simple Planet cell culture platforms, featuring multilayer nano-thin films and gelatin microparticle technology, facilitate cell proliferation and reduce the cost of culture media by controlling nutrient release and delivery. Simple Planet also develop edible, serum-free cell culture medium, recombinant growth factors, and other essential reagents for use in cell-based food production.


The Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund (ISSF) announce a USD 5 million investment in MSA Novo’s MENA fund, catalyzing Jordan’s entrepreneurial landscape. This strategic partnership aims to empower Jordanian startups, providing vital equity capital and accelerated access to global markets.

Founded in 2018 Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund will promote entrepreneurship and contribute to job creation in Jordan by increasing private, early-stage equity finance for innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition to early-stage financing, the Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund will encourage entrepreneurship across Jordan with outreach programs to entrepreneurs from lagging regions, underserved sectors and underserved groups such as youth and women entrepreneurs.


Exverse has secured $3 Million in Private Funding Round led by led by Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital, with participation from investors included KuCoin Labs, Epic Games, Seedify, and ChainGPT.

Founded by Nikita Uriupin, Exverse is a AI-powered free-to-play shooter backed by Seedify & KuCoin Labs, with intricate lore and novel gameplay systems, all built on Unreal Engine 5, consisting of 3 Planets, set to launch in February 2024.

These startups played a major role in Asian Startups Funding ecosystem in this week and secured funding from Venture Capitalists, Angle Investors in different funding Rounds.

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Name The Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Deals of This Week?

Vessi Medical, Clarity, Metalbook, Lava Network, FreezeM,, Ayekart, Simple Planet, ISSF, and Exverse are the Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Deals of This Week.

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