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How This Bangladeshi Woman Built Recognised Leather Brand | Leatherina

This Bangladeshi Woman Believes In Entrepreneurship For Greater Development of The Country. How?

Taslima Miji founder of Leatherina a Bangladeshi Woman Who Believes In Entrepreneurship For Greater Development of The Country.

Taslima Miji , started her career as a journalist after getting a degree in sociology from the University of Dhaka.

However, After 6 years, she became a mother, and it was difficult for her to maintain her full-time job during that period.

At that point, She left her job as a journalist. She said, “I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity because I traveled far and wide and found that Bangladeshi leather had a huge potential and a market all over the world it was just underutilized.

Then, An unexpected journey started in the world of entrepreneurship.

In 2016, she founded her Bangladesh-based startup, Leatherina, which makes sustainable leather goods, and Miji says that “As a member of the WFTO, gender equality, social inclusion, ethical environmental production, and climate change mitigation are at the forefront of our mission. With each bag sold, together, we are empowering peaceful progress.”

Today, Gootipa, her iconic brand, is well-known in Bangladesh and other foreign markets like Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA for its personalized leather goods. Monthly production capacity is 7,000. A journey of success never ends without obstacles.

Taslima Miji Struggles

  • At the beginning of her startup, her savings were insufficient to launch a small business.
  • Workers in this field were not habituated to working with women, and that’s why Miji had to combat those stereotypes.
  • Miji’s business was severely impacted by the pandemic; however, Taslima Miji founder of Leatherina was able to adjust by creating masks, headcovers, and personal protective equipment in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Even though there will always be risks and imperfections, we must press on and follow our passion.

About Leatherina

Established in 2016, Leatherina, Bangladesh-based company produces sustainable leather goods and is owned by women. Together, they hope to create a better world at Leatherina. Using sustainable leather and materials purchased responsibly, each handcrafted bag is a game changer for Bangladesh’s leather industry. Their expansion immediately contributes to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, poverty and inequality reduction, and responsible consumption and production because of their egalitarian and predominantly female staff.

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