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Japanese lending platform Crowd Credit has partnered with Singapore-based fintech firm Helicap

The fintech company Helicap, located in Singapore, and the Japanese lending platform Crowd Credit have teamed together to transfer US$50 million from Japanese investors to Southeast Asian companies.

By means of this partnership, Helicap will facilitate the connection between Crowd Credit and prospective Southeast Asian borrowers, while also fostering the latter’s connections with local financial institutions. Crowd Credit will also connect Helicap to investment opportunities in Japan.

“This partnership will allow us to further expand our investor base and provide Japanese investors with access to a hugely growing market with stable returns,” said Helicap co-founder and CEO David Wang.

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In the past, Helicap and Credit Saison collaborated to provide impact debt financing totaling US$10 million to Southeast Asian countries. Wang noted, though, that the relationship was formed with the Japanese financial services group’s overseas division.

With its bases in Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Dubai, and Singapore, Helicap has raised approximately US$300 million from investors since its founding in 2018. The business claimed that by employing a special credit screening procedure and loan structure, it had produced consistent returns and kept a zero default record.

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In the meanwhile, Crowd Credit focuses mostly on Japan and offers private financing options to individual investors. Through its Japanese internet crowdfunding platform, it also provides debt finance to a variety of industries, including non-bank financial organizations and green energy companies.

About Crowd Credit

Crowd Credit offers Japanese investors a wide range of global debt investment alternatives. Through its online marketplace lending platform. 

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