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[Funding Alert] Foundational Raises $8 Million in Seed funding

The Israeli firm Foundational revealed on Monday that it has raised $8 million in seed funding. Foundational has developed a solution that uses advanced analysis to find and avoid data errors in data platforms.

Leading the investment were Google’s AI-focused venture fund Gradient and Viola Ventures, with executives from Datadog, Intuit, Meta, Wiz, and Asymmetric Venture Partners also participating.

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Data and analytics teams can release continuous code updates using it , which is backed by a proprietary AI-based code analysis engine that can be instantaneously distributed through git. This helps prevent common problems and detrimental occurrences that influence important data.

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The three founders, Alon Nafta, Omri Ildis, and Barak Fargoun, first teamed up at Intelligence Unit 8200. Between them, they held senior engineering positions at Google and Singular, where they accumulated a wealth of experience.

About Foundational

Foundational analyze source code, queries, schemas, and metadata. At every stage of the data lifecycle, throughout the entire company.

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