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[Funding Alert] QuantexAI Raises $1M Pre-Seed Funding

QuantexAI, an innovative startup in the field of Generative AI and Data Science, has announced its emergence from stealth mode, having successfully secured $1 million during its pre-seed funding round.

This milestone marks a significant step forward in the company’s mission to democratize data science for enterprise users, especially those with minimal technical background. QuantexAI emerges from stealth with $1M pre-seed funding, democratizing data science for enterprise users.

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Founded by a team of seasoned experts led by a faculty member from the National University of Singapore, QuantexAI boasts a strong academic pedigree. The team, known for ranking consistently in the top 5-15% in various M-series competitions, brings decades of experience in machine learning and forecasting to the table.

It is set to revolutionize how businesses interact with data. Their unique approach allows users to engage in natural conversations with AI to perform advanced forecasting and dynamic data visualization. This breakthrough technology can autonomously explore data within clients’ private data lakes, a first in the market.

The company is nearing the end of its product development phase and is poised to onboard beta customers by Q1 2024. The ongoing discussions with potential partners underscore the growing interest in its solution.

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It is also a proud member of the Nvidia Inception Program, which has been instrumental in the startup’s journey. This affiliation provides QuantexAI with vital networking opportunities with potential clients and investors. It also allows them to tap into NVIDIA’s technical expertise and access GPUs at discounted rates, crucial for powering both their data science and Large Language Model (LLM) components.

Its technology stack is robust, featuring Triton Inference Server, NeMo Guardrail, LangChain, and LlamaIndex for its Generative AI architecture, alongside RAPIDS, Dask, Optuna, and a proprietary data pipeline for its data science workflow.

As QuantexAI steps into the spotlight, it promises a future where enterprise data analysis is accessible, intuitive, and more powerful than ever. With its innovative AI-driven solutions, QuantexAI is not just forecasting data trends; it’s forecasting a new era in business intelligence.

About QuantexAI

QuantexAI with the help of this method, users may carry out sophisticated forecasting and dynamic data visualization by having natural conversations with AI. QuantexAI, an innovative startup in the field of Generative AI and Data Science.

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