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GDS enters the Tokyo market in Japan and launches business layout in Northeast Asia

Today, GDS and Gaw Capital announced a cooperation. The two parties will jointly invest in the construction of a data center park with a total IT capacity of 40MW in Tokyo, Japan. 

This signing marks GDS’s further expansion of its international business to Northeast Asia after its deployment in Southeast Asia, and its successful entry into the Japanese market to fully meet the growing local demand for digital infrastructure.

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According to the agreement, the two parties plan to develop a carrier-neutral data center park on two adjacent plots of land in the Fuchu Intelligent Park acquired by Gaw Capital Partners. The plot is less than 30 kilometers away from central Tokyo and can be accessed Meet the huge local demand for secure, scalable, advanced and high-performance digital infrastructure. The park covers a total area of ​​10,969 square meters, and its IT capacity is expected to reach 40MW.

It is scheduled to be put into operation at the end of 2026. After completion, it will become the largest data center cluster in Fuzhong City. Currently, GDS has received preliminary intention orders from some customers.

Huang Wei, Chairman and CEO of GDS, said “Japan is one of the three core data center markets in the Asia-Pacific region, and its market size ranks among the top ten in the world. This cooperation with Gaw Capital Partners has successfully entered the Japanese market, marking our successful entry into the Japanese market. Our international business has completely covered the three most important markets in the Asia-Pacific region except mainland China: Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia with SIJORI (Singapore-Johor-Riau Islands) as the core, and the Japanese market, which is very important for our global development. It is of great significance. With the rapid growth of AI demand in the future, we believe that GDS’s international business will grow rapidly.”

Japan is currently one of the largest tier-1 data center markets in the world, with over 3,000MW of total IT load under development. As the largest data center hub in Japan, the Tokyo metropolitan area is known for its extensive domestic and international connectivity and coverage, making it an ideal location for GDS to enter the Japanese market.

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Kenneth Gaw, President and Managing Partner of Gaw Capital Partners, said “Today will be an important moment for Fuzhong to move towards a digital future. This collaboration combines Gaw Capital Partners’ global real estate experience with GDS’s secure operations in high-performance data centers Combining our professional capabilities in this field, we can jointly provide customers with cutting-edge data solutions to fully meet the current and future needs of various types of enterprises in the region.”

About Gaw Capital Partners

Gaw Capital Partners is a private equity fund management company focusing on the Asia-Pacific region and other high-entry barrier markets around the world.

About GDS

GDS is a leading high-performance data center operator and service provider in China and Southeast Asia. Their data centers are located in China’s core economic hub areas where there is widespread demand for high-performance data centers.

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