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[Funding Alert] Saudi-based Edtech HAD Secures $ 5 Million in Pre-seed Round Funding

HAD, Saudi-based educational technology platform signaling a critical turning point in its growth trajectory. A major $5 million pre-seed financing round led by Dar Al Majed financing is secured with the goal of creating a specialized business studio to support initiatives in educational technology, HAD plans to use the funding for both growth and innovation.

HAD positions itself as a pioneer in the rapidly changing e-learning market with new products like the Arabic Academy and Teach Me Hajj, building on the success of previous projects like the Teach Me Arabic application and Arabic Dictionary.

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The $5 million pre-seed investment round led by Dar Al Majed Investment has closed, marking a major milestone for the Saudi-based educational technology platform HAD.

With this investment, it is taking a major step toward creating a business studio specifically devoted to fostering businesses using educational technology.

It has achieved success with noteworthy projects like the Arabic Dictionary, Arabic on the Air, and Teach Me Arabic application since its founding in 2020.

Building on this success, the business is continuously expanding the range of products it offers by creating new ones, such as Teach Me Hajj and the Arabic Academy. According to recent market research, the worldwide e-learning industry generated over $15 billion in sales in 2021. From 2021 to 2028, it is expected to increase at a consistent compound annual growth rate of 6.5 percent.

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The importance Saudi Vision 2030 places on education sustainability and the development of all-encompassing frameworks for flexible learning is noteworthy. According to this perspective, Saudi edtech companies like as HAD are essential to achieving these lofty learning goals.

About HAD

HAD intends to use the funding to support its expansion and innovation activities by creating a special business studio devoted to fostering educational technology initiatives. Prominent initiatives that HAD has successfully completed include Arabic on the Air, the Arabic Dictionary, and the Teach Me Arabic app.

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