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[Funding Alert] Kitchenara Raises $380,000 From Angel Investors

Kitchenara Leading food delivery company has raised USD 380,000 from angel investors in the United Arab Emirates, indicating a growing interest in tech-driven meal delivery options.

A successful investment round was recently completed by Kitchenara, a cutting-edge meal delivery network, which secured an incredible USD 380,000 from angel investors headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. According to media sources, this substantial investment demonstrates the industry’s rising interest in creative tech-driven solutions for the food delivery business.

It is , a company that specialises in offering distinctive meal delivery experiences, has gained recognition for fusing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies with TikTok video content. This unique method not only increases user engagement but also establishes new benchmarks for finding and placing food orders in the digital era.

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Using interactive elements, Kitchenara allows users to dynamically explore the local culinary scene, completely changing the way people choose where to eat. In addition, the platform facilitates restaurants’ ability to present their products and interact with customers, thereby augmenting the overall dining experience.

The freshly obtained capital will be essential to achieving Kitchenara’s aspirational expansion goals. The majority of the expenditure will go towards improving technological infrastructure and increasing operational capabilities. Furthermore, they wants to increase the size of its user base by expanding the market for which its cutting-edge platform is available.

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Kitchenara’s CEO, Umair Khalid, thanked UAE investors for their support and emphasised that they both have the same goal of revolutionising the meal delivery industry. In addition to confirming Kitchenara’s business strategy, Khalid pointed out that the investment gives the company the means to innovate and offer outstanding value to both restaurant partners and users.

The goal of them is to make every meal an experience by bringing people together with the food they enjoy and assisting eateries in realising their goals and fostering involvement.

About Kitchenara

Kitchenara began with a simple idea to make online food ordering as real and engaging as dining out. Their journey is about bringing authenticity and enjoyment back to your digital dining table.

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