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[FUNDING NEWS] HongKong-Based Kodifly Raises Around $750K in Funding  

Kodifly, a company that offers infrastructural solutions to the transport and mobility industry, has announced that Laidlaw Scholars Ventures has invested $750k.

This funding will help Kodifly commercialise its machine learning-based urban digital twin solutions leveraging LiDAR and real-time video analytics.

Kodifly, which was founded in 2021 by Henry Wong and Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel, uses patented AI models to enhance infrastructure resilience and urban transportation.

Henry Wong, co-founder and CEO of Kodifly, expressed his enthusiasm: “This investment from Laidlaw Scholars Ventures marks a significant milestone for Kodifly. It will empower us to advance our AI technologies, productize our offerings, and expand our market presence. Ultimately, this will help operators enhance infrastructure management efficiency, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs by leveraging smart city technology through 3D perception and analytics.”

The business has contracts in place in Hong Kong and is expanding into airport and highway management scenarios. It also has sales pipelines in Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Henry Wong and Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel, former Laidlaw Scholars at The University of Hong Kong, created Kodifly in 2021 to improve urban mobility and infrastructure resilience using camera and LiDAR and proprietary AI models.

Their traffic management, pedestrian safety, driver aids, and environmental monitoring solutions enable rail operators, transport managers, and city planners to gain actionable insights from fixed and mobile input data and real-time or periodic analysis.

Niall Santamaria, Chief Investment Officer of LSV, said, “Henry and Saad are exceptional entrepreneurs who were early to identify the opportunities and potential of spatial data. The models they are building have the potential to automate the detection and analysis of any anomaly, and while their success in the Transportation sector is evident, the data they are interpreting has far broader applications, with vast opportunity.

The business has received its first external funding round, and the team wants to use it to transition from railway expertise to airport and highway management and overseas expansion, with existing contracts in Hong Kong.

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Their sales pipeline includes Southeast Asian, UK, and US transportation infrastructure operators, and they expect their market-leading digital-twin platform to be quickly adopted.

About Kodifly

Kodifly is a cutting-edge technology company that specialises in lidar and camera fusion technology. When combined with sophisticated deep learning algorithms, Kodifly’s technology produces highly accurate and colourful real-time 3D models that make it simple for users to identify, evaluate, and comprehend changes in the environment and infrastructure.

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