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Komerce Raises Undisclosed Funding in Seed Round

Indonesia-based Komerce, A leading tech-startup company in Central Java has raised undisclosed funding in seed round from Bukalapak founder Achmad Zaky and 500 Global.

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Komerce strives to cater to the needs and problem-solving of business professionals by providing professional and responsive support services throughout your business’s productive hours.

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“The process is ongoing, and we’re still waiting for a serious potential investor. We don’t need too much as long as it fits our needs. We are targeting $1-2 million. We can go ahead even with one institutional investor with the right ticket size, It brought positive social impact to young people in Central Java and Jogjakarta, hence the support from Zaky and his team in our angel round,” Darmawan said.

The funds will go toward product development and market expansion. These initiatives coincide with projections that Indonesia’s e-commerce reach, which was 32.1% in 2023, will rise to 46.5% by 2028.

About Komerce

Founded in 2020, Komerce is a leading tech-startup company in Central Java, Indonesia. Komerce want to become end-to-end e-commerce enabler for Indonesian SMEs. We starting with a product as platform that collaborating SMEs and village youth that it has trained in e-commerce field to co-optimize business on internet. Currently empowered more than 700+ village youth and get hired by SMEs as e-commerce team.

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