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Top Nutritional Supplement Brands In The World

You undoubtedly use nutritional supplements on a daily basis. These days, dietary supplements come in a never-ending variety. Nutritious products come in a wide variety from the best nutrition companies in the world, such as vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, plant-based compounds, fish oil, protein powder, coconut oil, and more.

You undoubtedly use nutritional supplements on a daily basis. These days, dietary supplements come in a never-ending variety. Nutritious products come in a wide variety from the best nutrition companies in the world, such as vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, plant-based compounds, fish oil, protein powder, coconut oil, and more.

With the rise of personalised nutrition, people can now choose how many supplements they take to meet their specific needs and make sure they are getting exactly what their bodies need. Therefore, the top nutrition companies in the world are intended to facilitate your development into a healthier person. Always consult a healthcare provider before incorporating supplements into your diet to ensure they meet your unique health needs.

Best Nutritional Supplements Companies In The World

To tell the truth, it might be overwhelming to choose among the wide range of brands and varieties of nutritional supplements available. Thus, how can you pick a healthy dietary supplement for yourself? Now have a look at this article, where you can find a list of the top nutritional supplement brands in the world.


Switzerland-based food and beverage company Nestlé is dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious food and beverage products to consumers all over the world. With more than 191 countries and 2,000 brands, including Nescafé, KitKat, Gerber, and Purina, the number one nutrition company in the world offers a wide range of products to suit every taste and need.

Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) provided the company with yet another opportunity for expansion and is well-positioned to lead the way in consumer health, medical food, and vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Founding Year1866 
HeadquartersVevey, Switzerland

Abbott Laboratories

US-based Abbott Laboratories is a nutrition science company that develops nutritional supplements and provides health-related information. The company focuses on adult and children nutritional supplements to provide the best nutritional supplements in the world.

Abbott Laboratories (U.S.) ranked 3rd in worldwide human nutrition in 2018. This company ranks 3rd because it offers science-based nutrition solutions for every stage of life, including top brands like Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, PediaSure, EAS, and ZonePerfect.

Founding Year1888
HeadquartersIllinois, United States


US-based Amway is an international direct-selling firm that sells health, beauty, and home care products in over 100 countries and territories. Artistry, Satinique, and other Amway brands sell skincare, cosmetics, and personal care items.

Amway funds scientific research to create and validate Nutrilite supplements. According to Forbes magazine, it is among the Top 100 privately held companies in the United States. 

Founding Year1959
HeadquartersMichigan, United States

Herbalife Nutrition

Los Angeles-based Herbalife Nutrition is an international nutrition firm. Global health and wellness corporation Herbalife has been selling science-based weight management, vitamins, and personal care items to support a healthy lifestyle for 44 years in more than 90 countries.

The number one nutrition company in the world, Herbalife Nutrition offers dietary supplements, protein snacks, vitamins, sports nutrition, and other items for body wellness.

Founding Year1980
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States

NOW Foods

Elwood Richard founded NOW Foods in 1968, a small family business that has become a natural health product manufacturer. Over 1,500 dietary supplements, natural foods, sports nutrition, and personal care products are made and sold by NOW Foods.

NOW Foods’s premium quality testing labs and state-of-the-art production facility have been GMP certified since 2000. With approximately 1500 people, the company sells its products in over 60 countries. The company is still family-owned and dedicated to providing value in products and services that help people live healthier lives.

Founding Year1968
HeadquartersIllinois, United States

Glanbia PLC

Glanbia PLC, an Irish nutrition company, has operations in more than 30 nations. The business is involved in ingredients, dairy, and performance nutrition. In February 2017, Glanbia plc purchased Body & Fit in the Netherlands and Amazing Grass in the US in order to broaden its product line.

One of the top nutrition companies in the world, Glanbia also offers a developing nutraceutical line of products that help with immune system support, weight loss, and muscle growth.

Founding Year1997
HeadquartersDublin, Ireland


American multinational Pharmavite develops, manufactures, and sells vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.

Pharmavite has become an industry leader whose growing portfolio of brands including Nature Made®, MegaFood®, Nurish by Nature Made®, EQUELLE® and Uqora are trusted by consumers and healthcare professionals alike. Based in California, Pharmavite is a subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Founding Year1971
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States


Founded in 1980 in Carros, France, Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical firm with expertise in nutritional supplements, natural medicine, and phytotherapy. 

Now operating in more than 60 countries, Arkopharma is the market leader in Europe for nutritional supplements and plant-based medicine.

Founding Year1980 
HeadquartersNice, France

Himalaya Herbals

Founded in 1930, Himalaya remains family-owned, with products offered in over 90 countries.

Himalaya offers a complete line of clinically studied herbal formulations, certified USDA organic pure herbs, and pure body care products. It grew from a pharmaceutical company to a global herbal health and personal care organization, selling close to 500 products worldwide.

Founding Year1930 
HeadquartersKarnataka, India

Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition was founded by a family in 1977 and remains a private corporation. It provides vitamins, minerals, proteins, gainers, aminos, and more for the sports business.

Universal Nutrition, a sports nutrition pioneer, has formulated, manufactured, and sold in over 100 countries for 40 years. 

Founding Year1977  
HeadquartersNew Jersey, United States


The nutraceutical sector is thriving and promising. Nutraceuticals may become increasingly essential as customers become more health-conscious.

Nutritional supplement brands may boost holistic wellbeing by addressing specific health demands and improving health results. These Nutritional supplement brands help people get enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients by targeting nutrient supplementation.

Nutritional supplement brands are not solely responsible for healthy living. Health and wellness education is commonly provided by nutritional supplement brands. Supplement makers educate consumers on nutritional needs and supplement choices through content, labeling, and internet tools. Nutritional supplement companies empower people to improve their health by encouraging health literacy and offering evidence-based information.

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