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How Pathao Became Bangladesh’s Leading Tech Solution for Logistics and Transportation

Journey from 5 to 50,000 delivery bikes | Revolutionizing Transportation: The Pathao Journey with Co-founder Shifat Adnan

Since his childhood, Hussain Elius has been admirable. In 6th grade, he started learning how to code and has been working as a freelancer since high school. Afterwards, he graduated in 2013 and post-graduated in 2015 from North South University.

Hussain says, “He tried to solve his own problem.”

One day, he spent a long period of time travelling from his house to the university due to heavy traffic, and he thought that most of city people will have this same issue, and bikes were the most practical and quick form of transportation.

Then, in mid-2015, along with his friends Fahim Saleh and Shifat Adnan, he launched his own startup, Pathao.

He started this startup, with 3 agents only, but in just 1 year duration, the team grew from 3 to 60. In December, 2016, they released their app, Pathao.

Pathao is an online platform that provides several services, including ride sharing and package delivery services for parcels, groceries, food, and healthcare products.

Well education leads to success.

  • On 3 December, 2019, Pathao became Bangladesh’s 1st significant ride-sharing service provider.
  • In the Forbes 30 under 30 list, HussainElius was included.
  • By 2021, Pathao had reached more than 8 million users and over 3,00,000 drivers.

Hussain believes “to keep building and keep moving forward. Even if a mistake is made, that’s ok; it means you can learn from it, course correct, and never stop moving.”

Hussain’s this positive mindset made him a successful entrepreneur.

About Pathao

Formed in 2015, Pathao is one of the fastest-growing digital firms in Asia, focused on developing solutions to reduce infrastructure-related issues.

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