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Singapore-based SmartRetail Raises Investment

SmartRetail, started as pioneers, introducing groundbreaking solutions to the realm of vending and micromarkets has secured Investment from Kumpulan Modal Perdana (KMP), strategic investors LMI Group Inc. and MCP Group. SmartRetail intends to strategically expand its worldwide presence, by utilising the finances and experience raised in this fundraising round. 

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In the intricate world of retail, SmartRetail stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation. It’s journey, which began in 2009, has been marked by a relentless pursuit of redefining how we engage with convenience and reimagine retail experiences.

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“With KMP’s expertise and partnerships, we hope to secure a strong presence in the Malaysian market and beyond. Our strategic collaborations and continued success in global deployments underscore the growing demand for SmartRetail’s revolutionary solutions in the retail industry, We look forward to revitalising the way businesses understand their consumers with our specialised computer vision AI profiling solution to effectively drive targeted advertisements for retailers,” said Adam So, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SmartRetail.

“KMP is proud to support SmartRetail in its global expansion, As we know, the booming tech sector requires innovative solutions as well as the right talents to solve modern problems, and KMP is committed to assisting high-prospect companies like SmartRetail to expand,” KMP Chief Executive Officer Yarham Yunus said.

About SmartRetail

Founded in 2009, SmartRetail is more than vending machines; it’s a force shaping the future of retail through innovation, technology, and a commitment to elevating every consumer experience. SmartRetail is at the forefront of retail transformation, leading businesses towards a future where data insights and strategic marketing converge seamlessly.

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