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[Funding Alert] Japan-Based Smartpay Secures US$7 million in Pre-series A Round Funding

SMARTPAY is a market leader in the financial technology sector, they have been assisting customers with automated loan and bill payments since 2003. They also help them with budgeting, matching smaller payments to their paydays, and paying off loans more quickly. They offer the most convenient, hassle-free, dependable, and adaptable payment service in the United States.

Japan has one of the highest global rates of merchant website cart abandonment (89%). This is a significant increase over the 70% global average.

In 2021, the local finance company SmartPay started providing buy now, pay later options in an effort to increase sales. The company claims that orders placed by SmartPay users average US$240, more than 40% more than those placed by non-users.

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In a pre-series In an investment round headed by SMBC Venture Capital and including Angel Bridge, Matrix Partners, and Global Founders Capital, the company has now raised US$7 million. Founded by Ahmed Sam Pemberton Founded by Ahmed Sam Pemberton

Smartpay is a wall-mounted in-house display that lets renters view their energy account balance at all times. It is electronically connected to the control box. Tenants can safely make payments using all major credit and debit cards thanks to their secure connection to our online billing site.

Tenants can safely register a payment card with us, and we’ll automatically top it off when the amount falls below a threshold that they’ve set.

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Tenants can view their actual bill in real time with Ista SmartPay’s remote configuration, which allows it to function in full credit payment mode. Automatic payments can be made using our web portal when the debt reaches a certain amount or duration. This allows for complete flexibility in cooling bills and control for both landlords and tenants.

About Smartpay

SmartPay provide the greatest personnel and customer service to you. Their commitment is to deliver outstanding customer service, simplify tasks, create an easy-to-use experience, foster client loyalty, and provide a hassle-free service.

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