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List of Startup Incubators in Singapore

Incubators and Accelerators in Singapore

Singapore’s startup ecosystem is globally renowned. Singapore is laying a strong foundation for a competitive global ecosystem with 4,500 tech startups.

It is emerging as a leading deep tech hub, prioritising technology-driven products based on in-depth scientific research. Singapore has numerous venture capitalists, accelerators, and incubators that help its startup culture thrive. In this article, we will discuss Singapore’s incubators and accelerators.

What are Incubators and Accelerators?

Startup accelerators support early-stage companies in their growth through mentorship, resources, and networking over a period of three to six months, helping them grow faster.

Business incubators are specialised programmes that help early-stage startups develop their ideas into profitable products and services. They provide a creative workspace where founders can learn from experienced mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. 

Incubators provide a supportive environment for businesses to grow, offering mentorship and office space. Accelerator programmes, on the other hand, help early-stage companies grow faster by providing financial support and exposure to investors. Both offer benefits, but their unique features and requirements can significantly impact a company’s future.

Here is a list of Incubators and Accelerators in Singapore

LongHashX Accelerator

Founded in early 2018, LongHashX Accelerator is operated by Singapore-based blockchain investor LongHash Ventures. It is one of the world’s leading Web3 accelerators, with the strongest network in Asia.

It collaborates with ecosystem and infrastructure partners to accelerate the growth of early-stage founders worldwide. LongHashX Accelerator relies on a diverse group of advisors, including Web3 founders, investors, and core contributors, who provide valuable advice on tokenomics design, decentralised governance, and community building. This guidance helps startups move quickly from inception to execution. LongHashX recently announced the launch of its 13th cohort, the world’s first accelerator programme for projects building on top of Safe{Core}, focused on driving the adoption of smart accounts.

Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First Singapore

Google Cloud and EnterpriseSG launched Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First Singapore in January 2024. It is a three-month equity-free programme for AI-focused startups in Singapore.

The accelerator connects startups to Google’s products and experts to help them advance in the rapidly changing AI and tech landscape. Selected startups receive resources to accelerate the development and commercialization of their AI products. These resources include up to US$350,000 in Google Cloud credits upon graduation, access to Google Cloud’s AI tools, and guidance and technical support from Google’s teams and partners, such as Alpha JWC Ventures, Co-Creation Lab, Golden Gate Ventures, Manulife, Red Dragon AI, and Touchstone Partners. Participating startups also have the opportunity to showcase their achievements and connect with potential investors and corporate customers at a demo day hosted by Google Cloud and EnterpriseSG.

Shell Startup Engine

Shell Startup Engine is a global innovation programme with a chapter in Singapore. It is aimed at early-to-growth-stage energy startups focused on smart and clean energy. The programme aims to provide more and cleaner energy solutions to meet the growing needs of Singapore and Asia.

It is helping to transition to a low-carbon future. Shell Startup Engine aims to grow and encourage the clean energy startup ecosystem in Singapore, which benefits both entrepreneurs and society. The six-month programme helps startups build expertise and make connections within the wider community, preparing them for success. Participants get access to sessions providing insights into the energy sector, interactions with Shell representatives and external industry experts to refine their value propositions, capacity-building workshops, and a tailor-made curriculum. Additionally, startups connect with a diverse network of mentors, subject matter experts, fellow energy startups, corporates, investors, academia, and government agencies.

PayPal Incubator

The PayPal Innovation Lab in Singapore shows PayPal’s commitment to promoting innovation through collaboration, talent development, and strategic partnerships. It is focused on advancing fintech research, and the lab works with experts in computer science, computer engineering, and information systems to push the boundaries of financial technology.

The Lab’s programmes serve a diverse group of people, from curious students to experienced professionals. By providing opportunities to participate, learn, and contribute, the lab fosters a vibrant community of innovators. The PayPal Fintech Programme brings industry insights to academic courses, helping students graduate with the skills needed to succeed in fintech. The Women Luminaries Programme and GROWSG Programmes reflect PayPal’s commitment to diversity and talent development, especially among women in tech.

AgFunder Grow Impact Accelerator

The AgFunder Grow Impact Accelerator aims to support new foodtech and agtech startups that address sustainability challenges in our food system. It focuses on startups working in areas such as biomaterials, digital transformation, waste minimization, precision technology, food bioprocessing, and carbon market solutions.

The programme offers a US$100,000 investment from the AgFunder Grow Impact Fund, among other benefits. During the five-month programme, participants receive one-on-one virtual coaching from Grow’s innovation and entrepreneurship experts. They check in regularly with the AgFunder investment team to ensure they meet the programme goals and use the impact measurement framework. Startups also benefit from mentor sessions with a global network of industry partners, group learning sessions, and networking opportunities with other agri food tech entrepreneurs.


Surge is an accelerator programme that was founded in 2019 by Sequoia Capital India. It is based in Singapore. The programme aims to invest in companies in sectors such as consumer internet, deep tech, enterprise software, healthcare, fintech, medtech, blockchain, and direct-to-consumer in India and Southeast Asia.

Surge is a 16-week programme that combines in-person and online group sessions to help founders build strong companies. It offers up to $3 million in seed funding, the chance to raise more money after the programme, as well as support and mentorship from global experts, founders, and operators. Surge keeps its cohorts small, with 10 to 20 companies generally, although some groups have more. Founders spend three to four days together in person at the beginning and end of the programme and join online group sessions every Thursday. There are also optional sessions run by operators on specific company-building topics on key weekdays during the programme.

Accelerating Asia

Accelerating Asia is an early-stage VC fund that is based in Singapore. It operates an award-winning accelerator programme and a seed fund that help high-impact startups from diverse sectors across the region achieve success.

Startups receive competitive funding on favourable terms and have access to a network of top-tier advisors, investors, customers, and partners. Through strategic partnerships with multinational corporations, governments, development organisations, and academic institutions, Accelerating Asia facilitates better engagement with startups and more efficient implementation of new technologies. The flagship programme provides selected startups with an investment of up to US$250,000, personalised mentoring, access to an extensive network of founders, advisors, partners, and investors, as well as dedicated support.

Tribe Accelerator

Tribe Accelerator is a blockchain accelerator with a global focus. It selects promising startups that use blockchain technology to address real-world issues and enhances their market strategies through its global network.

The accelerator team collaborates with portfolio companies to design market strategies by partnering with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and tech firms to achieve widespread adoption of their solutions. Through continuous innovation and ecosystem development, Tribe builds strong corporate and government networks, providing unmatched access to industry opportunities and a consistent source of potential capital for portfolio companies.


Iterative is an accelerator dedicated to Southeast Asia. It was founded by the co-founders of Iterative is staffed with partners, advisors, mentors, and investors who have founded, sold, and run startups before.

It works in structured batches to enhance learning and collaboration among startups. Upon joining, startups are paired with a key partner. The partner supports them throughout the programme; they help set growth goals and provide tailored support. Regular meetings with key partners provide valuable guidance to founders, ensuring effective prioritisation and progress. The 12-week programme ends with Demo Day, where startups present their progress to potential investors, which marks the end of the batch. Iterative’s mission is to establish the strongest and most supportive network in the region for early-stage founders.


EduSpaze is supported by Enterprise Singapore. It is Singapore’s inaugural edtech accelerator. It is affiliated with Space Ventures. It aims to develop a thriving edtech startup community serving the education sector in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Eduspace assists early-stage edtech startups in accelerating their products, market access, and growth. Additionally, it fosters collaboration with education stakeholders to address sector-specific challenges with innovative solutions, ultimately improving learning outcomes and the overall impact of education. The three-month acceleration programme provides selected startups with seed funding of up to S$500,000 in exchange for a minor equity stake, as well as access to a global network of partners.


Singapore has approximately 304 accelerators and incubators with a collective portfolio of 7.39K companies. It is home to approximately 4,000 tech startups and consistently ranks among the top 10 countries in the Global Innovation Index. The startup culture in Singapore thrives with strong investor support. Additionally, the government is highly supportive of ventures, and accelerators and incubators play a vital role in connecting young startups with industry peers and fostering potential partnerships for success and growth.


How many incubators are there in Singapore?

Singapore has approximately 304 accelerators and incubators with a collective portfolio of 7.39K companies.

What is the difference between Incubators and Accelerators?

Incubators provide a supportive environment for businesses to grow, offering mentorship and office space. Accelerator programmes, on the other hand, help early-stage companies grow faster by providing financial support and exposure to investors. Both offer benefits, but their unique features and requirements can significantly impact a company’s future.

What is the most successful incubator in Singapore?

Antler, Surge, LongHash ventures are some of the most successful incubators in Singapore.

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