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From Tech to Taste: Transforming Singapore’s Food Culture Through Innovation

From Tech to Taste: Transforming Singapore's Food Culture Through Innovation
Krishnamani Kannan, co-founder of

While the vibrant metropolis of Singapore bustles, a quiet revolution is taking place. A committed group of individuals have banded together to do one thing: enhance and revolutionise Singapore’s culinary culture. It was determined that there was a huge gap in the market that needed to be filled with new ideas and innovations. They understood this, and they were certain that they could create an unmatched platform that would benefit customers and local restaurants by integrating technology, determination, and an unyielding dedication to quality.

In recognition of this, Krishnamani Kannan and Naresh Kumar Rajendran launched, a cutting-edge meal delivery service that challenges conventional techniques. Over the course of the previous three years, this service was running covertly, bringing together people who are hungry and the delicious foods they desire through long-distance food delivery.

The company’s founders, Naresh Kumar Rajendran and Krishnamani Kannan, are dedicated to changing the world of online food delivery by building an innovative digital brand and approach to customer service that sets the company apart from competitors.

Founders Journey

The mechanical engineering student Krishnamani Kannan spent his early years in the Indian city of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The field of information technology has always been Kannan’s passion, even though he received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Bharathidasan University, Thanjavur.

When he was a college student in 1998, he bought a desktop computer with an internet connection and started an IT service firm. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. He finished his engineering degree and, eager to learn more, moved to Chennai, India, where he dove headfirst into the web development industry. Krishna has over 20 years of expertise in managing teams and over 5 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, all while working in the information technology sector. He established himself in Singapore after having worked in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore during his career as a professional.

Naresh, on the other hand, has over 5 years of experience as a F&B consultant, as well as another 5+ years in the logistics business. He also has vast experience in social media and branding, which enables to develop a distinct and engaging brand strategy.

Entrepreneurial Evolution

Kannan decided it was time to get back to his entrepreneurial origins after 25 years of experience. After all, he possessed the ideal combination of knowledge, connections, and skills. Nevertheless, he was able to use his vast professional experience to launch, a business that has now become a leading online marketplace for meal delivery in Singapore. In addition to being the CEO of his startup,, he is also a serial entrepreneur, investor, and digital strategist; he started the company from scratch. He is in charge of a number of portfolio companies with offices in Dubai, Singapore, and India.

The Launch of

With the goal of improving the Singaporean food experience, Krishnamani Kannan and Naresh Kumar Rajendran founded the innovative platform They saw the opportunity in long-distance meal delivery and set out to devise a strategy that would help restaurants attract more customers and profit.

Implementing the DAAS Model for Sustainable Growth

Through cutting-edge customer service and an extensive web presence, aims to revolutionise the online meal delivery industry by taking on established practices. Also, the business is testing out a new model called DAAS (Deliver As a Service), which can bring in revenue from a number of other places. Plus, it’s being revised as a SUPER APP across all platforms. By leveraging strategic branding, conducting extensive business evaluations, and developing innovative solutions, they aim to help both new and existing food companies thrive in today’s competitive market.

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Innovating for the Future

The online meal delivery sector is growing, with 1.7 million customers in Singapore alone, and the present limitations of these services are coming to attention. Despite growing in India and the other six main markets in Southeast Asia, modern meal delivery enterprises still haven’t filled the market gap caused by the increased demand for restaurant-specific recipes and access to a wide range of cuisines. They plan to implement their innovative idea, DAAS (Deliver as a Service), to everyone’s advantage.

The inventive firm is changing the game in Singapore’s food delivery industry and filling a key need. Something truly spectacular is about to happen in the realm of gastrointestinal pleasure.

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