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[Funding Alert] UAE-Based U-topia Raises $850K in Funding

GDA Capital has invested $850K in U-topia, a Web3 entertainment firm situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With the money, the firm hopes to improve its platform’s features and technology, strengthen its position at the nexus of the blockchain and intellectual property industries, and expand its capabilities.

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Under the direction of CEO Emmanuel Quezada, it offers entertainment items including video games, music, and movies supported by NFT provenance, enabling a gamified multiverse that changes consumers’ interaction with NFTs.

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It makes use of Web2’s best intellectual property (IP), including professional sports teams’ highlights and Bandai Namco-style video game content, and Web3’s best NFT collections and rewards programs from Top 100 stores like Nike. It wants to include its wallet into all Web3 Dapps and games so that digital assets can be widely used.

About U-topia

U-Topia Ecosystem specializes in bridging Web2 and Web3. U-Topia Ecosystem is combining several Blue Chip NFT collections with international intellectual rights related to music, movies, and sports in order to create a multiverse.

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