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Waste Management Companies In Malaysia

Effective waste management is important as urban populations grow, as this significantly increases the amount of waste that pollutes the environment. Waste management involves collecting, transporting, and disposing of various types of waste while adhering to environmental regulations.

In Malaysia, waste management companies handle tasks such as waste collection, recycling, landfill management, and hazardous waste disposal. They are key to promoting sustainability through innovative technologies and practices aimed at minimising environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

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Here is a list of some of the waste management companies in Malaysia.


Cenviro, established in 1996 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of the Malaysian waste management companies. It is a holding company that provides comprehensive waste management services through its subsidiaries.

A major subsidiary, Kualiti Alam, operates a state-of-the-art waste treatment facility capable of handling 77 types of scheduled waste. Cenviro collaborates with E-Idaman Shan Purnam Metals to manage both solid waste and electronic waste. Additionally, the company engages in hazardous waste packaging and transportation, site remediation, oil and gas facility waste management, tank cleaning, municipal solid waste management, and recycling initiatives.

Berjaya EnviroParks

Berjaya Enviroparks, established in 2003 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, operates Bukit Tagar Enviroparks (BTEP), Malaysia’s leading sanitary landfill. One of the Malaysian waste management companies, BTEP, uses advanced technology and follows international best practices for sustainable solid waste management. The facility addresses environmental challenges such as plastic and electronic waste by converting them into valuable energy and managing them efficiently.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) processes organic waste into biogas. By reclaiming waste from exhausted sites and converting inert waste into geopolymer concrete, BTEP ensures optimal landfill capacity. In addition, the company transforms industrial waste into usable products, promoting global sustainability in industrial practices.

The landfill operates at a Level 4 standard, which meets stringent USEPA guidelines for environmental protection. It uses compartmentalised cells to effectively control stormwater and minimise leakage, with a robust liner system preventing groundwater contamination. BTEP has an integrated leachate collection system and a state-of-the-art treatment plant that utilises both biological and chemical processes. The facility operates continuously in three shifts to ensure safety, efficiency in waste management, and compliance with environmental standards. Additionally, BTEP is a pioneer in landfill gas management, produces renewable energy through waste-to-energy projects, and leads a solar energy initiative to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Blue planet

Blue Planet’s sustainable technologies help global organisations efficiently transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. It is one of the Malaysian waste management companies. Growing populations in Asia have increased the disposal of thin and single-use plastics, posing environmental and health risks due to the release of toxic chemicals such as methane and ethylene.

Additionally, rapid technological advancements have fueled a surge in electronic waste (e-waste), which is now the fastest-growing waste stream globally, further exacerbating environmental problems. Blue Planet addresses these challenges by converting plastic and organic waste into valuable resources like energy and biogas through advanced processes such as anaerobic digestion (AD). To mitigate landfill crises, the company reclaims waste from decommissioned sites and turns inert materials such as rocks, glass, and ceramics into geopolymer concrete. In addition, Blue Planet converts industrial waste from sectors such as manufacturing and mining into usable products, promoting sustainable practices globally.

Edward Ponniah

Founded by Edward Ponniah in 2013, Edsha Solutions is a leading company that provides laundry services and manages scheduled waste. one of the Malaysian waste management companies. They provide consultation for scheduled waste issues, desludging services, and more.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Edsha Solutions focuses on environmental services, sustainability, and engineering solutions for a greener future. They also provide ESG consulting services for companies preparing ESG reports. Their waste management includes codes such as SW110, SW204, SW303, SW321, SW409, SW410, SW411, SW416, SW417, SW418, and SW422. Edsha Solutions manufactures environmentally friendly products and specialises in carbon black production. Safety and health are top priorities for Edsha, which ensures safe working conditions and prioritises the well-being of workers and stakeholders affected by their operations.


Greenviro Solutions specialises in comprehensive solid waste management in Malaysia and Brunei, covering residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. one of the Malaysian waste management companies. Their services include landfill management, waste collection, recycling, and leachate treatment.

They also managed public cleaning and landfill gas, while venturing into renewable energy projects such as solar farms and biogas facilities. Greenviro plans to expand into hazardous waste management, leveraging green technology to provide cost-effective solutions. Founded in 2014, the company prioritises seamless service delivery aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to renewable energy generation through various initiatives.

Klang Wastecare

Klang Wastecare is a long-term environmental solutions provider with over 28 years of experience in Klang and Shah Alam. one of the Malaysian waste management companies. They specialise in integrated waste management, recycling, and public cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Their services include weekly waste collection, recycling, dumpster hire, and environmental clean-up. Klang Wastecare holds a licence for handling non-hazardous solid waste and places a high priority on quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. They serve a diverse clientele, including construction firms, manufacturing, schools, government bodies, shopping malls, religious institutions, and residential clients. Their fleet facilitates efficient waste transport, including large-volume items such as concrete slabs, with a range of roll-off container sizes available for different projects.


Medivest is a leading industry player in Malaysia, dedicated to raising public healthcare standards through a range of essential services. Since 1996, they have achieved excellence in facility management services (FMS), facility engineering maintenance services (FEMS), biomedical engineering maintenance services (BEMS), cleaning services (CLS), healthcare waste management services (HWMS), linen and laundry services (LLS), and sustainability programmes (SP).

one of the Malaysian waste management companies. Operating mainly in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, and Johor, Medivest aims to expand its presence across wider regions. The company oversees its operations through three subsidiaries: Medivest Environmental Sdn. Bhd., Medivest Linencare Sdn. Bhd., and Medivest Engineering Sdn. Bhd., which ensures comprehensive management of their service offerings.

Pentas Flora

Pentas Flora is Malaysia’s leading waste management company, specialising in scheduled waste management, petroleum re-refining, marine services, and laboratory operations. one of the Malaysian waste management companies.

With over 12 years of experience, they are known for their expertise in handling hazardous waste across various industries. Their mission is to provide end-to-end solutions for waste management, including specialised refining to produce fuel oil and eco-base oil from waste oil, which promotes environmental sustainability by converting waste into reusable energy. Pentas Flora operates under stringent safety and compliance standards, aiming to be a leader in environmental protection and innovation for a better tomorrow.

Southern Green Resources

Established in 2014 near Tampoi, Johor Bahru, Southern Green Resources specialises in scheduled waste processing and recycling. one of the Malaysian waste management companies.

They are licensed by the Department of Environment (DOE), and they focus on recovering, recycling, and reducing scheduled waste in order to produce valuable products. Southern Green Resources is a trading company that manages scrap metal and scheduled waste disposal to minimise environmental impact. They maintain strong customer relationships and serve commercial clients nationwide, with an emphasis on efficiency and environmental responsibility. They aim to establish a scheduled waste treatment plant for effective waste recovery processes, ensuring compliance with waste classification standards.

EGA Recycling

EGA Recycling Sdn. Bhd., established in 2003, provides advanced waste management services focused on recycling and recovery. one of the Malaysian waste management companies.

They specialise in recycling waste into raw materials and new products, managing waste collection and transportation, and handling scheduled waste management. EGA Recycling ensures confidentiality and product privacy through customised crushing equipment, specialising in recovering and refining precious metals while promoting clean energy recycling initiatives.


This article highlights the top waste management companies in Malaysia that are revolutionising the industry, aiming to make the country pollution-free and sustainable. They emphasise the importance of proper waste management in our daily lives, advocating environmental responsibility in both consumption and disposal practices.


What kind of waste management does Malaysia use?

Malaysia is heavily reliant on landfilling as a method of waste disposal, and as a result, severe space constraints, health problems, and environmental issues will eventually affect the country.

Who are the stakeholders in waste management in Malaysia?

Key stakeholders in managing industrial solid waste generated by industry are the Ministry of Housing and Local Governments and its two departments, namely the Department of National Solid Waste Management and the Department of Local Government, governing the law.

What is the best garbage disposal in Malaysia?

EGA Recycling, Pentas Flora, and Edward Ponniah are some of the best garbage disposal companies in Malaysia.

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