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Funding Wrap of The Week | Asian Startups Funding Roundup | March 10 – March 15

Asian Startups raised capital in order to expand and move into more successful. Here is this week's Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Roundup.

Asian Startups raised capital in order to expand and move into more successful. Here is this week’s Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Roundup.

The Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Roundup of This Week

DCS Card centre

DCS, One of the pioneers of Singapore’s fintech industry. DCS Card Centre, declared that it has obtained asset-backed notes worth S$100 million (US$75 million). This completes the round’s funding, which was raised US$225 million in December 2023, for about US$300 million.

DCS Card Centre is a financial institution licenced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to conduct credit card and charge card transactions in Singapore.


HiLabs, an Indian startup that offers artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions for managing unclean data, secured a $39 million Series B fundraising on Thursday.

Hilabs technology delivers the ROI (Return On Intelligence) that health plans need. Their specialities are Health care analytics, data ingestion, etc.

Olive Rock Partners

Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC) has declared that it has invested $30 million in the Olive Rock Partners Fund I, a regional private equity fund that supports buyout deals in mid-market companies that are supported technologically, regionally, and economically.

Olive Rock is situated in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a rapidly expanding financial centre and independent private equity firm.

Polyhedra network

Polyhedra Network is developing cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technologies to establish a Web3 infrastructure. ZK Bridge, a zero-knowledge interoperability protocol, was developed by Polyhedra Network, which raised $20 million at a $1 billion valuation.

Polyhedra Network zkBridge, at the forefront of blockchain interoperability, increases cross-chain communications efficiency by utilizing zkSNARKs. With its strong solution for preserving consistent and accurate blockchain states across many platforms.


FREED’s Goal is to assist those who are struggling with debt. For those in debt who want to become debt-free, we provide tailored debt relief solutions.In its Series A round headed by Sorin Investments and Multiply Ventures, with participation from Piper Serica and other institutional funds, debt relief website has received Rs 60 crore ($7.5 million).

At Freed, their mission is to help people burdened with debt. They offer tailor made debt relief solution to customers who are in debt and are looking to get debt free. Their goal is simple, to empower you to overcome your debt.

IO River

IO River presents “Virtual Edge,” a single layer of security, traffic control. To provide more dependable, quick, and reasonably priced internet, they are now working closely with a select group of clients. The multi-CDN-as-a-Service platform provider IO River, situated in Tel Aviv, Israel, has raised $5.4 million in investment.

IO River presents “Virtual Edge,” a single layer of security, traffic control, and serverless compute services designed to enhance the dependability, efficiency, and affordability of online services. , an Indian healthtech business treating diabetes, has raised an additional $5 million in a series A round extension, With this, the company has raised a total of US$16 million for the investment round. is a cutting-edge technology, caring diabetic professionals, and individualised strategies, along with their research-driven approach, that will enable users to resume a normal life.

9 lives interactive

9 Lives Interactive, an independent game studio, today announced a successful $3 million funding round led by Mechanism Capital with participation from Delphi Digital, Sfermion, 3Commas Capital, Momentum 6, Kosmos Ventures, Devmons GG and CSP DAO.

previously known as Rude Robot Studios, is an independent game developer founded in 2021. Operating entirely remotely, they’re on a quest to reshape the gaming landscape. 

Rakeez capital

Saudi Arabian fintech startup Rakeez capital has raised $2 million in a seed round headed by CoreVision. SAMA and CMA are leading the Fintech Saudi initiative.

A specialised platform for issuing debt and deed instruments is called Rakeez capital. The Rakeez Capital platform is built upon a foundation of sound principles and practicality in the workplace.


Kitchenara Leading food delivery company has raised USD 380,000 from angel investors in the United Arab Emirates, indicating a growing interest in tech-driven meal delivery options.

Kitchenara began with a simple idea to make online food ordering as real and engaging as dining out. Their journey is about bringing authenticity and enjoyment back to your digital dining table.

In various financing rounds, these startups raised funding from venture capitalists and angel investors and secured place in the Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Roundup of this Week.

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DCS Card centre, HILABS, Olive Rock Partners, Polyhedra network, Freed, IO River,, 9 lives interactive, Rakeez capital, Kitchenara, are The Top 10 Asian Startups Funding Roundup of This Week.

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