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[FUNDING NEWS] Israel-Based Cognifiber Secures $5 Million In Funding

CogniFiber, a firm creating DeepLight, a photonic computing technology for artificial intelligence (AI), announced on Thursday that a $5 million investment round has concluded.

Leading the investment round were Eastern Epic Capital and Chartered Group. With funding from the Israel Innovation Authority included, the Israeli business has raised $14 million in total to date.

Dr. Eyal Cohen, a hardware and algorithms engineer who previously worked for Mellanox, Saifun, and Oren Semiconductor and who also holds a Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute in brain research, and Professor Zeev Zalevsky, a world-renowned optics researcher, serial entrepreneur, and current dean of the engineering faculty at Bar-Ilan University, founded CogniFiber in 2018.

Utilizing patented technology and significant study, the 13-person business is creating a new class of photonic processors called DeepLight.

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Multi-core optical fibers are used by these programmable and trainable computers to process data as it passes through the fiber at the speed of light. input travels down the fiber during inference, and light scans every part of the neural network, processing the input at a rate of billions of inferences per second.

The technology performed 100 million tasks per second on the Aurora photonic demonstration system in the company’s IRIS classification test, 1,000 times more than NVIDIA’s 100A processor for a single network instance, with 180 watts of energy. The business hopes to attain 50 exaflops with less than five kilowatts by 2027. With DeepLight technology, football-field-sized supercomputers might be downsized to a few server racks, saving tens of millions of dollars, tens of megawatts of electricity, and over 50% of system development time.

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The photonic supercomputer could replace silicon chip and electrical circuit computers, which struggle with AI tasks and need a lot of energy for computing and cooling. With ChatGPT and other generative AI apps, load has increased dramatically.

Dr. Eyal Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of CogniFiber, stated, “The new funding will support the completion of the first generation of processors and our marketing and sales efforts as our initial products make their way to the global markets. We believe the new processor will realize the promise of scalable photonic computing, demonstrating how this unique technology can exponentially accelerate the development of sustainable AI data centers, smart cities, AI-assisted drug development, adaptive cybersecurity and countless other applications.”

About Cognifiber

CogniFiber a group of scientists and entrepreneurs joined together to redefine computation and transform the data processing sector, leading to the creation of CogniFiber.

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