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[Funding Alert] Singapore-based EchoTik Secures Tens of Millions of RMB in Angel Funding

EchoTik, has closed an angel financing round totaling tens of millions of RMB. The independent third-party data service provider for TikTok, Yang Jinhe (King), the creator of Ziniao SuperBrowser, and executives from reputable, well-known internet enterprises spearheaded this investment round.

The money received in this round will be aggressively utilized to explore advances in cross-border e-commerce SaaS and to look at possible integrations with AGI. It will also be used for technology R&D, big data capability building, international user research, etc.

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Established in August 2022, EchoTik is a business that develops software as a service (SaaS) for international markets, offering data tools and guidance on making decisions. The company’s flagship product, the TikTok third-party data analysis platform, gathers, filters, integrates, and deep mines data to provide data analysis tools and decision support systems that provide sellers with useful data decision goods and services.

Real-time e-commerce data monitoring, category and industry research, traffic and sales data analysis, and trend visualization are a few examples of this. Choosing the right influencers for promotion is the first issue for quickly expanding TikTok sellers; for brand owners, it’s identifying the right influencers; and for influencers, it’s locating content and resources that appeal to their audience.

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In order to help global sellers, creators, PR firms, and brands effectively and precisely complete product selection, influencer matching, and material sourcing through data analysis, EchoTik, a third-party data analysis platform, is committed to finding solutions to these issues.

The success of a comparable platform, Alibaba’s unified data product platform for merchants known as “Business Advisor,” has confirmed EchoTik’s business model in China. Data-driven and sophisticated operations have taken center stage in shop operations as the competition in the e-commerce sector heats up.

The majority of the EchoTik team’s core members were formerly employed by Xiaomi; they have vast practical expertise with large-scale e-commerce front-end and back-end operations across a variety of scenarios, as well as a thorough understanding of the key data indicators and e-commerce logic.

They are more than capable of meeting the demands of data technology and offering e-commerce businesses and traffic influencers accurate positioning and useful recommendations.

About EchoTik

EchoTik is a TikTok analytics tool and data platform. Their mission is to discover TikTok e-commerce data with EchoTik . They help creators and brands find the best content, track target TikTok creators & videos, and compare them insightfully.

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