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InnoCSR Raises Undisclosed Series A Funding

InnoCSR Group, a Global Green Technology Firm with expertise in Asian Countries has secured Undisclosed seed funding from ADB Ventures, along with support from Garden Impact Fund and Clarion Newlife Capital.

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The funds will be instrumental in accelerating operations and driving the widespread adoption of the Good Bricks System across Nepal and the rest of Asia.

This additional funding will play a vital role in spreading the Good Bricks System’s operations and outreach throughout Nepal and other Asian regions, therefore fostering a transition towards more environmentally sustainable practices in the building industry.

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GOOD BRICKS SYSTEM is an eco-friendly brick manufacturing method, which uses GOOD SOIL STABILIZER to make non-fired bricks in South Asia. This disruptive technology enables non-fired bricks to be BETTER QUALITY at CHEAPER COSTS, while reducing CO2 emission and air pollution significantly.

“The Good Bricks System is poised to disrupt South Asia’s carbon-intensive brick manufacturing industry, which heavily relies on decades-old processes and technology,” said Arsalan Farooquee from ADB Ventures.

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“We are thrilled to receive this investment. It not only reaffirms the positive impact of Good Bricks System but it also propels us closer to our vision of transforming the brick manufacturing industry which has lacked innovation,” said InnoCSR Chief Executive Officer, Sam Yoonsuk Lee.

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About InnoCSR

Established in 2008, InnoCSR Group is a Global Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Consulting Firm with expertise in Asian Countries. It has been working with MNCs, Governments, and Global NGOs from different countries. Impact Technology is InnoCSR’s new initiative to find and transfer technologies that creates positive social, environmental, and financial impact. Now, InnoCSR is taking actual ACTIONS to create POSITIVE IMPACT, moving beyond consulting services.

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