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Singapore-based Blockhead Raises Investment

Blockhead, a Singapore-based digital assets media publication, has announced the successful completion of its investment round. The investment is led by Franklin Templeton, (NYSE: BEN), one of the largest global asset managers with approximately US$1.5 trillion of assets under management.

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This investment round will enable Blockhead’s continued growth and innovation in products and services in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and digital assets. Launched in 2022, Blockhead currently operates a news publication covering global stories from the blockchain and digital assets industry, with an Asian focus. The investment will also allow Blockhead to evolve its business model to become a leading hashtag#digitalassets research platform in the region.

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The research platform, dubbed BRN, augments their current media product offering and will serve as a comprehensive resource for institutional and high-net-worth investors, offering insights, analytics, and market intelligence on the digital assets and cryptocurrency landscape. Blockhead aims to become a trusted partner for those seeking in-depth digital assets-focused analysis and research.

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“Our position as a digital assets-focused publication gives us a unique view of the direction of the industry, where we are now able to develop our proposition to incorporate in-depth and market-leading research, tools, and capabilities. A strategic partnership with a legacy financial institution like Franklin Templeton is testament to the potential of our projects and will play a key role in the development and launch of our products and services this year,” said Mark Tan, CEO of Blockhead.

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BRN distinguishes itself from more general market overviews or data services by offering insider perspectives that are not available through public channels, as well as independent market commentary and insights for institutional investors in the digital asset space, generally covering top tokens, big industry themes and the macroeconomic environment.

“We are seeing high growth potential for digital assets in Asia and believe that Blockhead’s insights and future business plans are at a very exciting juncture. This investment is part of our efforts to foster a global ecosystem of digital asset operators that can capitalize on the multitude of benefits that blockchain technology offers,” said Kevin Farrelly, Director of Digital Asset Management at Franklin Templeton.

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About Blockhead

Founded in 2020, Blockhead is a community-driven media platform that was founded to answer. Blockhead is not just a term for those a step behind, but a dazzling haven for the web3-curious and blockchain-bitten. Powered by a blend of digital passion and old-fashioned journalistic gumption, Blockhead is the web3-news vanguards broadcasting from the bustling epicenter of Southeast Asia.

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