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[FUNDING NEWS] India-Based Olympian PV Sindhu Invests Undisclosed amount in Wellness brand Hoop

PV Sindhu, a two-time Olympian and among India’s top female athletes, has made the decision to become an investor and brand ambassador for Hoop. The next phase in Hoop’s development into India’s most adored wellness brand is this cooperation.

“Hoop emerged out of the unmet wellness needs of young India. Our lifestyles have changed – muscle recovery after workouts, injury prevention during sports, back pain from long sitting hours, neck pain from tech devices, screentime induced sleep troubles. While our needs have changed, there are limited innovative products today which fit the lifestyle of new India,” remarked Twinkle Uppal. Hoop offers a range of natural products for topical pain relief, muscle recovery, and sleep support.

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“We feel PV Sindhu is the perfect evangelist of our brand. She truly embodies the spirit of a champion and her story is one of tremendous grit. She is the first and only Indian to become the Badminton World Champion, only the second individual Indian athlete to win two consecutive medals at Olympics and one of the World’s Highest-Paid Female Athletes. Sindhu is not only the face of Indian sport, but also an immensely credible voice in fitness. With Olympics 2024 right around the corner, Hoop is incredibly proud of Sindhu’s trust in our brand ” added Saharsh Agarwal.

The co-founders invested more than eighteen months in research and development prior to being on sale in October 2023. After just a few months of launch, the brand has clients in more than 1000 Indian cities

“Badminton demands peak physical performance. Prioritizing pain relief, muscle recovery and sleep is critical for athletes like myself. I tried Hoop products for months and was incredibly impressed with their value not just for athletes, but for any one who is focusing on living an active life. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Hoop on their mission to help India live active” Sindhu says when asked about her decision to partner with Hoop.

Customers from all across the nation have shown them love, and they deliver orders not only to the major cities but even to places like Lakshadweep, Kargil, Changlang, and Kanyakumari.

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As per WHO guidelines, India has the 12th greatest prevalence of inadequate physical exercise, according to a recent Lancet study. Nonetheless, it seems that among young Indians, this tendency is shifting. With a forty percent spike in search interests, wellness is rapidly rising to the top of the millennial and Gen Z priority list. In India, the market for consumer wellness goods is currently valued at over $20 billion and is expanding at a rate of more than 15% annually.

About Hoop

Hoop was developed by Twinkle Uppal and Saharsh Agarwal, former McKinsey consultants. SRCC-IIM-ISB alumnus duo wants to modernize relief & rehabilitation and make exercise part of India’s lifestyle.

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