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[Funding Alert] Israel-based IO River Secures $ 5.4 Million in Funding

IO River presents “Virtual Edge,” a single layer of security, traffic control. To provide more dependable, quick, and reasonably priced internet, they are now working closely with a select group of clients. The multi-CDN-as-a-Service platform provider IO River, situated in Tel Aviv, Israel, has raised $5.4 million in investment.

Leading the round was S Capital, with participation from co-founders of XtremIO, M-Systems, and Jeeng, Aryeh Mergi, and Cotendo, HiBob, and Ronni Zehavi.

The company plans to increase operations and development activities with the help of the money.

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IO River, founded by Michael Hakimi and Edward Tsinovoi, offers an API and user interface for building and managing many edge networks, giving the impression of a single super-network. Businesses don’t need to go through laborious migration and configuration procedures in order to add new vendors or integrate their current providers. Businesses can designate rules that maximize performance and cost based on user location, traffic type, and other variables, and can pick which edge network to utilize for various users.

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Additionally, IO River provides application services, such as web application firewall (WAF), rate limitation, traffic control, and edge computing, in a uniform layer across many edge vendors.

Edward Tsinovoi said “Every edge provider has its unique benefits. But customers should be able to take advantage of all of the benefits without being locked into a single provider. IO River gives organizations the best blend of speed, reliability and cost, all in one place in a simple, single context that lets organizations run multiple edge networks as if they were managing just one.

About IO River

IO River presents “Virtual Edge,” a single layer of security, traffic control, and serverless compute services designed to enhance the dependability, efficiency, and affordability of online services.

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