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What Issue Led Jarrold Ong To Become An Entrepreneur | SWAT Mobility

What Issue Led Jarrold Ong To Become An Entrepreneur | SWAT Mobility

Jarrold Ong generated $14.6 million in revenue by solving an issue through SWAT Mobility

What issue? Let’s see, Jarrold Ong started his entrepreneurial journey with the intention of transforming the world.

Meet Jarrold Ong, a 2002-2007 alumnus of the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore with a focus on technology entrepreneurship in engineering.

Jarrold completed an internship in Silicon Valley from 2004 to 2006 as part of the NUS’ Overseas Colleges Programme. After that, he joined several ventures. Furthermore, Jarrold also worked as the Head of Mobile Engineering at Rakuten Viki.

But what issue led Jarrold to become an entrepreneur?

During this time, he noticed an issue with transportation and decided to resolve it. 

In 2015, he established his Singapore-based startup, SWAT Mobility. The company offers high-capacity ride-sharing services with effective route planning and also assists businesses and cities in resolving transportation-related difficulties.

Recently, SWAT Mobility raised US $7.2 million in funding to provide AI-powered vehicle routing solutions. SWAT Mobility’s vehicle-routing technology assists businesses, transportation operators, and governmental organisations worldwide in resolving challenging transportation issues.

In 2021, SWAT Mobility was listed on the Forbes Asia 100 to watch list as a startup on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Today, having spoken on mobility and sustainable transport solutions at conferences across the world such as the Echelon Asia Summit and Cleantech Forum, he has made a name for himself as a highly esteemed thought leader with a deep understanding of the field and a great enthusiasm for the mobility sector.

Jarrold became an entrepreneur and made $14.6 million in revenue with SWAT Mobility due to his enthusiasm for the mobility business and his unwavering ambition to transform the world.

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