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KarmaLifeAI partners with SIDBI for Empowering India’s Gig Workers

KarmaLife are thrilled to announce their pioneering partnership with SIDBI, a leap forward in empowering the vibrant ecosystem of Gig workers, whom they proudly view as nano businesses.

This collaboration introduces a program offering micro loans, tailored specifically to uplift the gig workers by addressing its unique financial needs.

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Acknowledging Potential they recognize each gig worker as a nano business owner, embodying entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. This initiative is their commitment to nurturing their growth and financial independence. Financial Empowerment Made Simple By providing accessible micro loans, they aim to ease the financial challenges faced by these nano businesses. Their collaboration with SIDBI ensures affordable, timely support, bridging gaps in liquidity and fostering business sustainability.

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The Gig workers are an essential part of India’s economic fabric, driving innovation and offering employment opportunities across the spectrum. Through this partnership, they’re not just offering financial products; they’re providing a foundation for stability, growth, and success for countless nano businesses out there.

As they embark on this exciting journey with SIDBI, they’re inspired by the possibilities ahead. This is more than a partnership; it’s a movement towards creating a more inclusive, empowered, and financially stable future for Gig workers across India.


SIDBI the primary financial organization for the financing, development, and promotion of small-scale industry. It also aimed to coordinate the activities of other institutions involved in the financing, development, and promotion of small-scale industry, as well as for matters related or incidental to these activities.

About KarmaLife

Karma Life collaborate with Earnings-Linked Auto (EWA) and other small-ticket, short-term financing products. This makes it easier for customers to take out flexible loans for unexpected expenses like medical bills.

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