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[Funding Alert] Hong Kong-Based Moongate Secures $2.7Million in Seed Round Funding

Moongate has announced that a $2.7 million seed round to create a modular Web3 engagement layer for in-person events has closed. The startup wants to use blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to alter interactive experiences in other areas, building on its success in upending the ticketing market.

With participation from Token Bay Capital, Penrose Ventures, RNR Capital, Cogitent Ventures, GBV Capital, PHD Capital, and renowned angel investors from Coingecko, Synthetix, and Dolphin Browser, CMCC Global’s Titan Fund led the investment round. Additionally, the team got ecosystem funds and assistance from BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum.

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Moongate has already achieved great progress. It enables brands to create direct, authenticated channels with their fans, fostering deeper relationships and opening doors for personalized experiences, exclusive content, and loyalty programs. Real-world assets and experiences are transformed into immutable digital tokens on the blockchain.

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Moongate is committed to its goal of promoting significant Web3 adoption across a range of businesses, even as it innovates and broadens its product offerings. With the backing of its investors and the popularity of its main product, Moongate is in a strong position to transform the way consumers and brands communicate in the digital world.

About Moongate

Moongate is developing a Modular Web3 Engagement Layer for Real-World Activations. This layer abstracts the intricacy of blockchain technology. This enables users to link their omni-channel profiles to communities, prizes, and access points by creating a “phygital” passport.

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