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Saudi Arabia Based WakeCap Acquires Crews by Core

To establish a full suite of hardware and software tools targeted at enhancing job site safety, efficiency, and profitability for significant construction projects worldwide, WakeCap purchased Crews by Core.

A strong global presence has already been demonstrated by the integrated technologies of WakeCap and Crews by Core, which are being used across huge sites and megaprojects in the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Japan.

WakeCap will establish an R&D center in Silicon Valley as part of the acquisition, strengthening its standing as a top construction tech business and utilizing Crews by Core’s know-how and track record in developing notable Silicon Valley businesses.

Crews by Core, an AI-powered project delivery platform, has been purchased by WakeCap, an IoT platform for construction project management located in Saudi Arabia.

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The goal of this acquisition is to create an extensive toolkit of hardware and software that will increase job site profitability, productivity, and safety.

Large-scale projects and megaprojects in the US, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan are already utilizing the merged technology of the two organizations.

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It will create an R&D center in Silicon Valley as part of the acquisition, solidifying its standing as the world leader in construction technology.

Crews by Core CEO and creator Di-Ann Eisnor was excited about the relationship, citing WakeCap’s construction tech success. Saudi Arabia’s major projects make it a good place to install its project delivery platform.WakeCap CEO and Founder Dr. Hassan Albalawi lauded Crews by Core’s knowledge and technical talents, expressing delight for the collaboration. Crews by Core built PayPal, Waze, Google Chrome, and Palantir.

About WakeCap

WakeCap is an innovative harness that fits a construction hardhat without affecting helmet structure.

About Crew by Core

Crews by Core is a one-stop shop for field crews. Easy to build look aheads for maps, drawings, messaging, and other superintendent needs. Detecting risks with AI.

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