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[Funding Alert] Indonesia-Based Startup Jago Secured $6 Million in a Series A Funding

Jago, an Indonesian mobile café business, raised $6 million in a Series A fundraising round led by its current investors, Intudo Ventures and BEENEXT Accelerate, with the goal of expanding its service coverage and modernizing its fleet.

Through its smartphone, 2020 startup it offers ready-to-drink coffee. When they get there, they turn their movable carts into “little cafes” and serve the hot beverage to the consumer right away. The carts also feature a carry-along refrigerator to store cold beverages.

The company was founded by Yoshua Tanu and Christopher Oentojo, a relative. The latter is a co-founder of the upscale coffee company Common Grounds, while the former is vice president of products at Gojek.

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Daniel Sidik, who previously co-founded Reddog, a Korean-style hotdog business, has recently joined as its chief marketing and operations officer.

The company plans to use the extra funding to hire more people and buy 200 mobile coffee carts, which it would use to service 20 Jakartan hyperlocal communities.

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“Our innovative business model, combining mobile cafés with our Jago App Software, creates unrivaled access to coffee anytime, anywhere without sacrificing quality, price or convenience. We are building new possibilities for sustainable and satisfying last-mile retail for Indonesian consumers to fulfill their daily coffee and refreshment needs,” said Yoshua Tanu, CEO, Jago.

About Jago

A mobile coffee business called Jago Coffee supplies the Indonesian market with freshly made coffee drinks. They accomplish this by using their completely electric coffee carts, which are Jagoans’ to drive. They are concerned with the caliber of their coffee and informing patrons about what they are eating. They have made it easy for their Jagoans to start their own businesses since they are passionate about micro-entrepreneurship and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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