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Turkey restricts exports of selected products to Israel

Israeli government refuse to permit Turkey to airdrop aid over the besieged and battered area, Turkey has said that it will put limitations on exports to Israel until there is a truce and more relief in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Ministry of Trade said that it would no longer be sending goods to Israel in 54 different categories, including bricks, chemicals, pesticides, machinery, iron and steel products, jet fuel, and cement.

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It released a statement stating, “Israel continues to flagrantly violate international law and ignore the international community.” “This decision will not change until Israel promptly declares a cease-fire and permits a sufficient and continuous supply of humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.”

According to Palestinian health officials, Israel has murdered over 33,000 people in its six-month-long war on Gaza. Numerous nations have expressed their indignation over the death toll and the humanitarian disaster that has resulted from the Israeli attacks and siege. According to an Al Jazeera count based on Israeli figures, 1,139 persons were killed in Israel on October 7 as a result of strikes led by Hamas. Israel launched its offensive in retaliation.

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The trade restrictions were announced the day after Turkey threatened to retaliate “step by step” against Israel for preventing Turkish military cargo planes from delivering humanitarian aid over Gaza.

“We will continue our support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters until the bloodshed in Gaza stops and they live in a free Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the basis of the 1967 borders,” Erdogan said on Tuesday, adding that Turkey has sent 45,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the region.

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