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List of Venture Capital firm in Indonesia

Venture capital is funding provided to early-stage businesses in exchange for equity. Venture capitalists aim for a high return on their investment, raising funds from a variety of sources.

Venture capital is funding provided to early-stage businesses in exchange for equity. Venture capitalists aim for a high return on their investment, raising funds from a variety of sources.

Managed by experienced investors and entrepreneurs, venture capital firms support and guide their portfolio companies while leveraging industry contacts and resources. Startups should research VCs who specialise in their industry and stage for maximum success.

Indonesian startup scene

Indonesia’s startup scene is growing rapidly due to rapid growth in recent years, with venture capital firms playing a vital role by providing funding, mentorship, and guidance to early-stage startups. With so many options available, founders often struggle to identify the most suitable VC firms for their businesses. Here is a list of the top 10 VC firms in Indonesia.

Global Founders Capital

Founded in 2013, Global Founders Capital is a venture capital firm headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Its founders include Oliver Samwer, Marc Samwer, and Chris Quinn. Global Founders Capital is a global investor focused on early-stage ventures, supporting talented entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their businesses.

The firm backs founders who are pioneering ventures that redefine entire industries. They provide ongoing support to founders from the earliest stages of their journey through every stage of growth, leveraging their platform to provide comprehensive assistance. Working primarily in the early stages, the firm invests in companies from pre-seed funding to IPO. Their operational platform provides the support founders need to effectively scale their businesses.

East Ventures

Founded in 2009, East Ventures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Singapore. Its co-founders are Taiga Matsuyama, Wilson Kuaka, Batara Eto, and Chandra Tjan. The firm focuses primarily on investing in companies at various stages including seed, early, late, and growth stages in the e-commerce, software, marketplace, gaming, applications, and information technology sectors.

East Ventures has evolved into a comprehensive platform that provides investment support at all stages from initial seed funding to growth investments for over 300 technology firms in Southeast Asia. They also conduct business in Japan. East Ventures is dedicated to sustainable development and aims to promote positive social impact through its initiatives and practices that align with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.


Founded in 2017, Antler is a venture capital firm headquartered in Singapore. Its co-founders are Magnus Grimeland, Vegard Medbo, Dilan Landgraf, Jussi Salovaara, Nitin Sharma, Fridtjof Berge, Stefan Jung, and Mattan Magril.

The firm focuses on investing in the technology sector. Antler operates on the principle that innovation by individuals is crucial to building a better future. They partner with exceptional entrepreneurs around the world to launch and grow startups that tackle critical opportunities and challenges. Recognizing that talented founders can emerge from diverse backgrounds and locations, Antler has offices in 27 cities across six continents. Their global network of builders, investors, operators, experts, and partner organisations supports individuals from the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, even before they have a team or a specific idea. Antler is committed to assisting these founders and furthering their vision of inevitable progress.

Golden Gate Ventures

Founded in 2011, Golden Gate Ventures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Singapore. Jeffrey Paine and Paul Bragiel are its co-founders. The firm focuses on investments in the information technology, TMT, mobile, SaaS, e-commerce, Internet of Things, machine learning, and fintech sectors in Southeast Asia.

Golden Gate Ventures specialises in early-stage investments and supports ambitious founders across three continents. Founded with the aim of combining Silicon Valley expertise with the emerging startup ecosystem, the firm prioritises local engagement with global impact. Over the past decade, Golden Gate Ventures has not only provided financial support to founders but has also played a key role in fostering dynamic startup communities for sustainable growth. Based in Singapore, with additional offices in Indonesia and Vietnam, the firm has invested in over 90 companies in its portfolio. Their mission is to empower courageous founders by providing both human and financial resources. They prefer entrepreneurs who challenge conventions, take risks, and use technology to reshape industries and societies.

Skystar VC

Founded in 2014, Skystar Capital is a venture capital firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It specialises in early-stage investments and is dedicated to assisting technology entrepreneurs in making a significant and lasting positive impact in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia.

Skystar Capital has a proven history of assisting founders take their businesses to new heights. They provide strategic support by leveraging their expertise and extensive network across various sectors of the economy, including media, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, consumer products and services, hospitality, education, and more.


Founded in 2017, Sinar Mas Digital Ventures is the corporate venture arm of Sinar Mas, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. It serves as a private venture firm that works closely with the Sinar Mas Group. SMDV focuses primarily on the digital ecosystem within Indonesia’s digital economy, while also driving value creation within the Sinar Mas Group.

Their mission is to use their existing ecosystem to support innovative entrepreneurs in building sustainable enterprises. They envision nurturing a new generation of visionary entrepreneurs like Jack Ma within Southeast Asia, starting with Indonesia, the largest market in the region. SMDV takes a flexible approach to investing, fostering long-term relationships and providing support to a diverse portfolio of startups. With their network of venture capital funds, they have backed over 75 visionary founders in Southeast Asia and around the world, spanning various industries and growth stages.

Alpha JWC Ventures

Founded in 2015, Alpha JWC Ventures is a venture capital firm based in South Jakarta, Indonesia. The founders, Chandra Tjan, Jeffrey Jo and Will Ongkowidjaja, prefer investing in companies in the business-to-business (B2B), commercial services, business-to-consumer (B2C), media, healthcare, financial technology and consumer technology sectors.

With strong Indonesian roots, extensive experience in Southeast Asia and a global network, they have become one of the region’s largest and most successful early-stage funds.

For Alpha JWC Ventures, investing in startups is just the beginning of their collaboration with founders. They are committed to stepping forward to support founders by sharing their expertise, skills, knowledge and network to help them grow. They uphold these values ​​that underpin their approach to achieving lasting legacy and impact. They strive for constant growth and innovation, aiming to lead Southeast Asia’s technology revolution on all fronts.

AC Ventures

Founded in 2020, AC Ventures (Indonesia) is a venture capital investment firm based in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Michael Soerijadji, Pandu Sjahrir, and Adrian Lee are its co-founders. The firm targets investments in companies across technology, consumer, business-to-business, media, education, logistics, and finance technology sectors in Southeast Asia at various stages including seed, early, later, and growth stages.

They primarily focus on early-stage startups in Indonesia and ASEAN, prioritising those with potential environmental and social impact. AC Ventures goes beyond providing capital by leveraging operational experience, industry knowledge, local networks, and resources to support entrepreneurs. Their team immerses themselves in the Indonesian tech scene to gain insights into emerging areas, providing valuable perspectives using research, proprietary data, and collaborations with leading entrepreneurs.

MDI Ventures

Founded in 2016, MDI Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Telkom Indonesia, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The firm focuses on investments in the fintech, healthcare, deep tech, agri-food tech, consumer, enterprise, and edu tech sectors in Southeast Asia.

MDI Ventures takes a holistic approach to investment management, covering all stages of the investment process to ensure efficiency and broad coverage of opportunities. Over time, they have expanded their management portfolio to include investments from third-party LP investors. MDI distinguishes itself as a venture capital firm that facilitates access to new business opportunities and revenue streams by fostering collaboration between the startups it invests in and their anchor LP investors, which range from Telkom to other state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and large Indonesian corporations.

Insignia Ventures Partners

Founded in 2017, Insignia Venture Partners is a Singapore-based venture capital firm. Their investment focus spans across various sectors in Southeast Asia, including B2B e-commerce, consumer, cryptocurrency, education, enterprise, fintech, gaming, healthcare, logistics, marketplaces, and proptech.

Since inception, they have invested in over 90 companies across various industries and sectors. Insignia Venture Partners engages in early-stage partnerships with founders, providing support from seed to growth stages, aiming to create meaningful impact for millions of people in Southeast Asia and beyond. With a team of over 30 investment and operations professionals boasting extensive experience and networks, they equip founders with the tools they need for growth. Their capital is sourced from prestigious institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, foundations, university endowments, and leading family offices across Asia, Europe, and North America.


The Indonesian VC market shows promising growth prospects with strong fundamentals and ample opportunities in emerging sectors. Investors are increasingly maturing and willing to provide capital to companies. Consumer and SME readiness to adopt digital platforms further enhances the market outlook. Additionally, declining asset prices contribute to favourable conditions for new venture investments.


Who is the largest venture capital firm in Indonesia?

Global Founders Capital, Antler,  Alpha JWC Ventures are some of the top VC firms of Indonesia.

Why is Indonesia the best for business?

Increasing number of Special Economic Zones, availability of workforce and labour, low labour costs and increasingly open environment for foreign direct investment are some of the many reasons that makes Indonesia best for business.

Which sectors are venture capital firms investing more in Indonesia?

Venture capital trends in Indonesia are closely tied to digital businesses, mainly due to VC funds’ significant investment concentration in the country’s thriving tech sector.

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