Wednesday, July 24, 2024
HomeRecent Secures $500k Funding in Seed Round Secures $500k Funding in Seed Round, advanced AI + Human-in-the-loop video dubbing platform has secured $500k funding in seed round from Venture Catalysts. Anicut Capital, 9Unicorns, and JJFO and FirstCheque also participated in the seed round.

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“We are extremely excited to work with leading investors and a passionate team to build generative AI capabilities in Indic languages that could unlock a great potential for video content being available across all vernacular languages from Education to Entertainment content,” said Ishan Sharma, founder & CEO of is now able to create highly realistic dubbing experiences for content that is deeply technical. By dubbing content in Hindi, many hindi-speaking students across India are now able to watch high quality education lectures that were only available in English before.


Founded by Ishan Sharma and Rishikesh in 2020,, a leading dubbing technology is collating 1000+ responses from Influencers, content creators and leading figures across categories and genres to create a State of the Dubbing Report for Indian Creators. It is Powered by AI, Perfected by Humans, Localize your video content in multiple languages with dubpro’s advance AI and Human in the loop platform ensuring 10+ quality checks.

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