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Maxis Collaborates with Amazon Web Services

Maxis, Malaysia’s leading integrated telecommunications provider, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new collaboration to accelerate innovation in the dynamic fields of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) and 5G use cases for Malaysian enterprise customers. This strategic collaboration aims to redefine the landscape of digital innovation, empowering businesses with cutting-edge AI solutions and next-generation connectivity powered by AWS. The collaboration was announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona where Maxis is part of the Malaysian Pavilion.

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This collaboration will focus on leveraging advanced 5G and generative AI technologies into real-world business use cases, targeting the retail, manufacturing, logistics and financial services domains, with the aim of enabling greater innovation for Malaysian enterprises. Building on AWS, Maxis will be able to offer integrated solutions designed to adapt to evolving business needs, providing them with a competitive edge through technology advancements.

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Within Maxis, the collaboration will focus on customer service enhancements and support offerings for enterprise customers to make faster, compelling and more effective business decisions. It will now be able to leverage AWS advanced machine learning capabilities to build, train, and deploy AI models at scale, to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. The combined efforts of generative AI integration and large language model trained to support the Bahasa Melayu language will also help accelerate the digital transformation journey for more Malaysian businesses.

“We are pleased to expand our collaboration with AWS to bring next generation digital capabilities to Malaysian businesses. As the leading integrated telecommunications provider in Malaysia, we look forward to enabling our customers with the power of 5G and Generative AI,” – Goh Seow Eng, Maxis CEO

About Maxis

Founded in 1995, Maxis is passionate about bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in an evolving world. To become Malaysia’s leading converged solutions company, it has embedded the language of commitment, performance and possibilities to embody our culture values.

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