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[Funding Alert] India-Based SingleInterface Raises $30 Million in Funding

SingleInterface, a leader in the ‘hyperlocal marketing-to-commerce’ software sector, today announced a US$30 million financing in its first-ever external fundraising round.

SingleInterface, a leader in the ‘hyperlocal marketing-to-commerce’ software sector, today announced a US$30 million financing in its first-ever external fundraising round.

Asia Partners, a Singapore-headquartered growth equity investment firm focused on investments in high-growth technology and technology-enabled companies led the round. PayPal Ventures, the global corporate venture arm of PayPal, also participated.

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Founded by serial entrepreneurs Tarun Sobhani and Harish Bahl, the Founder of Smile Group, SingleInterface has been recognized as a leading SaaS platform in Asia with an integrated product suite powering digital marketing, customer engagement, and e-commerce for multi-location enterprise brands.

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The company has been instrumental in empowering such brands to harness the potential of digital marketing and e-commerce to drive growth for their local touchpoints.

Tarun Sobhani, Co-founder and CEO of SingleInterface, said, “Our suite of products has proven to deliver remarkable revenue growth for our clients, accounting in some cases for 15-20% of their revenues. We are committed to further investing in building our portfolio of AI-driven marketing and commerce-enabling products. We are on a mission to empower our customers to drive further growth, enhance the customer experience, and provide rich business insights and context across their different locations, enabling them to grow and win locally.”

SingleInterface intends to utilize the infusion of capital for three primary objectives: firstly, to strengthen its leadership position in its category within the Asian market; secondly, to expand its global presence; and thirdly, to further enhance its range of hyperlocal marketing, engagement, and commerce offerings, with a particular focus on sophisticated audience segmentation and tailored re-engagement.

Harish Bahl, Co-founder and Chairman of SingleInterface, said, “With more than 400 million local businesses worldwide, SingleInterface has immense untapped potential in the global market. With this funding, we are poised to tap into new markets and further solidify our position as a global leader in enabling marketing and commerce capabilities for multi-location enterprise brands through our product suite.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tarun, Harish, and the SingleInterface team to support their growth ambitions in India and globally,” said Oliver Rippel, Co-founder of Asia Partners. “SingleInterface has shown an exceptional track record of fostering customer engagement and commerce for large enterprises over the last several years and has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the region, successfully integrating offline and online customer journeys to drive growth for physical retail locations.”

About SingleInterface

SingleInterface is Asia’s largest hyperlocal marketing-to-commerce software for multi-location brands, dedicated to fueling growth and success at the local level. We amplify brands’ visibility to consumers during crucial buying moments. Their user-friendly platform enhances discovery, drives customer engagement, manages feedback, and delivers seamless omnichannel experiences, facilitating revenue expansion through actionable insights for each business location.

About Asia Partners

Asia Partners is a growth equity firm focused on the next generation of high-growth technology and technology-enabled companies that will transform the Southeast Asia economy.

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