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[FUNDING NEWS] Japan-Based Arches Secures $3 Million in Funding

[FUNDING NEWS] Japan-Based Arches Secures $3 Million in Funding

Arches, a Japanese and Southeast Asian expert knowledge-sharing network, raised US$3 million from Tokyo-based VC firm KUSABI. Visional Inc., SMBC Venture Capital, and many angel investors helped Arches raise $5 million.

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This money will speed the development of its core Expert Knowledge Bank technology, which turns expert interviews into searchable actionable insights.

“The Expert Knowledge Bank is more than a database; it’s the future of knowledge sharing,” said Hiroki Kato, CEO and co-founder of Arches. “We’re building a platform where anyone, anywhere, can tap into the collective wisdom of Asia’s brightest minds.”

The business will also invest in new marketing tactics to target more corporations and financial institutions seeking a competitive edge in a complex world.

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It provides expert interviews, research, consulting, and talent placement. The portal links Asian and global decision-makers with vetted specialists. Clients get cheap access to specialists in exchange for contributing to the knowledge repository, democratising access to specialised information.

It claims its ‘Expert Matching’ service has connected 300 clients in 20 countries with 100,000 vetted professionals. It operates in five countries, including Singapore and Vietnam. It aims to add US and European experts.

About Arches

Arches is a platform for e-commerce. It informs private equity, hedge funds, and strategy consultants on potential investment opportunities.

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